Toorabally Trading was founded in the January of 2012 by Zakir Toorabally with a goal of increasing trade between India and Japan by Importing pure herbs, herbal blends and their extracts that can be used in the health, food and beauty industries. Also, helping both sides understand the culture and language of the other country by providing consultancy service. 

Zakir Toorabally

CEO & Founder


  • Launched High End Branded Henna Product by the name of "SOJAT HENNA" for the sophisticated Japanese market recently.
  • Giving Seminars and lectures to Japanese S.M.E's for understanding Indian Business Culture.
  • Specializing in inter-cultural training especially for companies planning to establish their branches / offices in India.
  • In the process of organising a project team for creating an eco-friendly city in Gujarat with Japanese experiences and technology.
  • Earlier worked as a Systems Engineer at Fujitsu Business Systems developing web based applications using ASP and Java. Using that knowledge still helping small sized firms with their IT needs of creating and hosting websites.
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Mr. Shigeki Nishiyama

Managing Partner, Sojat Henna

Ms. Miyuki Nakamura

Senior Consultant

Mr. Tomonobu Mori

Finance Consultant

Mr. Hiroshi Oya

Business Advisor

Mr. Yoshiki Sasae

IT Consultant